HTS Reading Challenge

HTS Library Reading Challenge – 2015/16

We are challenging each student in grades 3 – 8 to read at least 40 books this year from a variety of genres.

Each child has received the following sheet:

Your Mission this year:

  • Strive to read 40 books by Memorial Day, 2016 (Almost the end of the school year!)
    • This might seem like a lot, but it’s only one book a week.  If you read for 30 minutes every night, you should easily be able to reach this goal!  Use your weekends and holidays to catch up, or get ahead.
    • It’s okay if you don’t make it to 40….we will celebrate at 20, 30 and 40!  
  • Pick books at your independent reading level (it’s okay to have a few “easy” books or to challenge yourself occasionally, but the focus should be on reading books that are at your independent level).  
  • You may “count” books you read in class, books from home, books from the public library….if you read it, you can count it.  Books that are over 350 pages can be counted as 2 books.
  • We want you to choose books on topics that interest you, but try something new as well:
    • Please see the checklist below for the different genres you need to include.  
Genre # of books
Historical Fiction 2
Mystery 2
Realistic Fiction 2
Science Fiction 2
Fantasy 2
Biography, Autobiography or Memoir 2
Informational (non-fiction) 5
Poetry 1
Graphic Novel 1
Your Choice 21

The most important thing is to find books you love… and share them with your classmates!

#HTSReads #CelebrateReading

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