Websites We Love: Guys Read

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HTS Guys, if you are looking for great reads over the summer (or anytime!), the Guys Read Website should be one of your first stops.  They make reading fun – REALLY.. Wouldn’t you want to find a book from a list titled: At least one explosion or Outer space, but with Aliens or Creepy and Weird or Movies?  We’re also huge fans of the Guys Read Library of Great Reading Collections.

We pulled the intro from their home page to help describe the Guys Read mission (honestly, your parents might be interested in this bit):

“Welcome to Guys Read, a web-based literacy program for boys founded by author and First National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature Jon Scieszka.  Our mission is to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.

Research shows that boys are having trouble reading, and that boys are getting worse at reading. No one is quite sure why. Some of the reasons are biological.  Some of the reasons are sociological. The good news is that research also shows that boys will read — if they are given reading that interests them.

So the biggest part of this site is the collection of titles below. These are books that guys have told us they like.

Our idea is to help guys become readers by helping them find texts they want to read.

Get in there and start looking around. There is a little something for everyone.

And please help guys out by recommending more of your guy-favorites.

Guys Read is also multi-volume book set, each volume featuring ten of the best writers in different genres, hoping to serve as an introduction to writers and illustrators guys will want to know better. There are five so far, from HarperCollins: Funny Business, Thriller, The Sports Pages, Other Worlds, and True Stories.

Guys Read is also all of the clubs that keep the GR mission alive in libraries, classrooms, and living rooms from coast-to-coast and around the globe!”

So, what are you waiting for?  Enough reading this, and off you go to explore Guys Read.

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