What We Are Reading – Week of September 18

Charise Mericle Harper celebrated a birthday this week, and we are having a great time reading her book Cupcake.  Chavela and the Magic Bubble is riveting — it’s either the magic or the “chicle” (gum).  Students are amazed with Waiting for the Biblioburro (and grateful for the library that they have access to each week).


Week of September 11th – Upper School focus on Dictionaries and Lexicography

This week, we introduced our Upper School students to Merriam Webster online website:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.10.57 AM

We then explored how words come to be words in the English language by watching this Ted-Ed video:

And then watched a piece from CBS this morning about how Merriam Webster stays relevant in National Conversations (hint: the definitions of words matter!):

Week of September 11-15, 2017


Dear Readers!

Welcome to the third week of school. We hope you are finding great selections to check out and read.  We continue to get new books across all reading and interest levels, and encourage you to give us suggestions also.

Lower school students have gotten to hear some wonderful stories about libraries and school.  Many especially loved Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook, Library Lion, and Beatrice Doesn’t Want To.

Upper school students were introduced and invited to participate in the first Reading Mini-Challenge.  It runs through October 16, and students participating in the challenge will read five fiction or non-fiction chapter books in five (of a selection of ten) categories.  If there are questions about the challenge, please let us know.

In other news, we have begun getting all 3rd-8th graders DC Public Library cards.  This will enable students to access all the DC Public Library online research tools.  

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Morell and Mrs. Ingoglia